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TechVentur Consultant (TVC) is an Engineering Project Management and Technical Business Development Firm

Our Professional experiences includes: 
Applications Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Conceptual Engineering
Electrical Engineering
System Engineering
and Freelancing

Dynamic and Innovative company offering effectively Technical Business
solutions, Design Concepts for Marine Applications, Defence and
Smart Alternate Energy sectors along with other Engineering
needs and sectors as per clients requirement.


TechVentur vision is to be a valued partner to our clients for undertaking and delivering mutually beneficial end-to-end, customized, strategic, cost-effective and integrated engineering solutions for all their unique technology needs.


TechVentur mission is to provide best-in-class Technical and business consulting in Marine, Naval, Energy Applications and Material cost reduction sector


TechVentur is a values-based organization. Our Core Values serve as the governing foundation and philosophies we use to guide us in making decisions.

Our Services

We offer the most reliable services for following



We undertake assignments to offer Engineering Services.


Global Venutre Consultancy

Selection of Indian manufacturing platforms for Technology Transfer, Joint Ventures. Platform development at India for Global manufacturer

Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Programmer working in a software develop company office.

Engineering Marketing Consultancy

Engineering Operations ( Systems , Engineering ,Marketing, Manufacturing & Materials)


Global Sourcing of Engineering Componnets

We are good in Global sourcing of raw materials, components and equipment’s.


Future Technology Vision

We provide visionary reports for possible technology changes due to Technology upgrade, Regulations, new customer expectations in respect of Diesel Engines, Electric vehicles, Solar and Battery products, Agriculture equipment’s etc.


Financial Planning and Health Medicare

We serve to  give service to our customers for long-term sustainable solution for his personal financial needs in changing un-predictable economy. We help also in Business insurance, Group Insurance and key man Insurance to save taxes and assets.

How we Help Transform Succeed

We are a Dynamic and innovative company offering effectively Technical Business Solutions and Design concepts for Marine Applications, Defense and Smart alternate energy sectors along with other Engineering sectors as per clients requirement. The solutions offered becomes foundation for growth and transition of future products and programs.

How We Will Do It: Our Values

TechVentur Consultant is a values-based organization. Our Core Values serve as the governing foundation and philosophies we use to guide us in making decisions.

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