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Company Overview

TechVentur is founded by Mr. Manoj Shah ( Chairman & Managing Director) a Graduate Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology ,Manipal, India (1986) and a Diploma in Computer Applications from Narlikar Institute ,Pune (1987)

Manoj has served in Diesel Engine Manufacturing industry for about 30 years with wide experience in Diesel engine Engineering Applications specifically for Marine Applications. He has extensive experience on development of Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary application on board.

He has extensive experience of working on Tender based projects for customers like Indian Navy, Private Commercial shipyards, Fire pump manufacturer etc.

His core competency is in development of Diesel engine basic systems for many applications such as Propulsion, Auxiliary, (on board) Fire Pumps, Compressors and has extensive experience in developments of special components like sea water pumps, plate type heat exchangers, various sea water systems valves, wet exhaust systems, silencers, Shock mounts etc.

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