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  • The information shared or provided as a report is based on the request, data provided by customer and report prepared may be with the information collected from other Research company or Industry experts and therefore it is subject to differ and change over the future time.

  • The Reports are prepared considering and analysing all possible data, current market nature, market future requirements and is for Market over the forecast period but the same cannot be considered as any guarantee of the actual change in dynamics of the market in future.Hence the facts, analysis or outcomes stated in the report are not views of TechVentur. TechVentur is not responsible for few incorrect information received  from  other sources .

  • TechVentur  is not liable for any customers financial or Technical decisions whether short- or long-term based on the reports offered by us it and it is completely customer own responsibility in all aspects.

  • The report prepared is only for the requested agreed customer and any use of it by other person or company should be within the terms and conditions stated in agreed terms with permission of TechVentur.

  • The information shared or provided by TechVentur as a job work or services are meant for customer’s internal use only and not for disclosing it to third parties or general publication.

  • Any sections of the report/article/blog/info-graphic may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, mechanical, recording or otherwise only with legal consent of TechVentur.

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