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Privacy policy

  • We request customers personal, contact information and Technical request, online which helps us to understand customer needs-interests, and accordingly, we send to customer useful information about our products and offerings that may be relevant for his business.
  • This personal and contact information data will be utilized by TechVentur only for informing customer about our solutions, Reports and offerings that may be significant to him.
  • TechVentur is committed to keep customer personal and technical information secured. We respect customer privacy rights and safeguard their personal information at all times. We prevent the use and disclosure of this collected data by ourselves or any third securing them with right protection and NDA.
  • We will share your technical data if required in any case, it will be done after your prior approval and permission to do so.
  • We request herewith that all our service providers, vendors are strictly required to follow our privacy policy, and we make them aware regarding our privacy policy and compliances.
  • TechVentur utilizes cookies to track visitors in order to understand which portions of our site are garnering tremendous attention.
  • We are working in India hence India Laws and regulations of the land will be applicable for conducting our business. Under certain circumstances applicable or required by law, we may be required to disclose client data or personal information without giving notice to customer.

Changes in Policy Statement

  • TechVentur has rights to change or update this Policy Statement from time to time by posting an amended version of the Policy statement on our web site. Please refer to policy page regularly to view policy amendments, if any.

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