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INDIA: +91 98500 49216

JAPAN: +81

Industries we cater

TechVentur is a multifaceted group, catering to

  • Diesel Engine Manufacturers
  • DG Set Manufacturers
  • Engineering Manufacturing Industries
  • Marine Business Clusters
  • National Research and Technical institutes
  • Oil and Gas sector
  • Ship-building yards
  • Compressor Manufacturers
  • Solar and Battery manufacturers
  • Green power and energy conservation
  • E-Waste Management

We work for Marine Product approval from various Indian and Global Approval Agencies (IRS/ABS/LRS etc) and support customer to qualify for onboard supply.

In line with the vision of TecnoVentur   we are committed to work very closely with States & Central Government Ministries and Authorities in order to develop the various segments. 

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