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We undertake assignments to offer Engineering Services. This includes the following:

  1. Freelancing Technical work.
  2. Reports formation for new technology and Development.
  3. New Marine Diesel Engine Value Package Development. (NPD)
  4. Marine Engine sub system application guidance, development.
  5. Guidance on right selection of engine and propeller for fishing application
  6. Guidance on Torsional analysis for complete transmission system
  7. Guidance on Engine Battery capacity calculation for engine
  8. Guidance on Fire pump application, approvals required.
  9. Technology Resourcing.
  10. Guidance on Engineering product shock testing.
  11. Guidance on Diesel engine shock testing.
  12. Guidance on Marine Approval Agency (IRS/ABS/LRS etc.).
  13. Guidance on Anti-vibration mounts – shock mount selection.
  14. Heat exchanger –Radiator selection process.
  15. Smart Alternate Energy Solutions -Li-Ion batteries, Fuel cells
  16. Cost reductions in a process , of a technical and non-technical product and daily used items like stationaries .

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